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hush twuster
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hush twuster i love me songs that express my own regret B)) Favorite track: sing me something sweet to sleep to.
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tsukikage hits the heart strings to the point of snapping. Favorite track: invisible.
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Ollie i found your music when i was listening to the guys of crywank on spotify and i immediately fell in love. rachels song has got to be one of my favorite songs on 19. i love your sound and every feeling that your music makes me feel. im so glad i found your music, thank you for everything you make
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MouseMinsky Many people would consider lo-fi to be inexperienced, but this album combats that perception and instead gives off a beautifully well thought out arrangement. This album reflects the band's individuality perfectly. Favorite track: my incredibly nerdy cute little lady.


a small collection of songs i recorded over the past six months
artwork by celeste sousa



released May 28, 2012

before anyone complains about invisible, you can download it for free when you download the whole album (for free)



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Track Name: my incredibly nerdy cute little lady
if i were a wizard i’d want you to be
my incredibly powerful wizard lady
we could go around town getting all the baddies
go back to my place and smoke a fatty

because how much fun do you think it’d be
being high wizards just you and me
makin fireballs inventing new spells
accidentally make a swamp monster that smells

and if i were a warrior i’d want you to be
my incredibly beautiful warrior lady
we could save all the towns folk from evil dragons
and ride around town in our real cool wagons

because how much fun do you think it’d be
being tough warriors just you and me
beating big monsters day to day
always having enough free time to play

if i were just a boy i’d want you to be
my incredibly nerdy cute little lady
we could sit in my room and play ff7
hanging out with you would just be heaven

because how much fun do you think it’d be
staring up at my ceiling just you and me
we could make blanket forts play hide and seek
can i kiss your lips or maybe just your cheek
Track Name: rachel's song
you can’t go too far
without me up all night
thinking about you
hoping you’re alright

because you’re the type of girl
that makes me grin so wide
and when you kiss my cheek
you make me blush and hide

will you come and find me

rachel please be mine

i love you freckled nose
and you perfect eyes
its a blessing just to know
i see them all the time

so lets sit on the couch
and cuddle up real tight
and if you fall asleep
well that would be just fine

we could do it anytime

rachel please be mine
Track Name: i keep writing songs for people i'll never know
i feel like half a person
when you’re not with me
i love the ways you calm me down
and make me feel so free
whether we’re out or stuck at home
you’re the only face i see
you make my life sufferable
even just slightly

but if we’re suffering together
we’re not suffering at all
just yell my name anytime
i’ll come running to the call
and if those nasty people
try to make you feel small
i promise that i’ll kiss you
pick you up and make you tall
Track Name: invisible
i am tired and uninspired. i am used batteries. i am talentless and stale. i am a book that’s been read and now sits on the shelf. i am a broken guitar string. i am useless. i am invisible.

everyday i feel like i’m at war with the world. some days i feel like i’m standing on the tallest mountain screaming at the top of my lungs, “look at me, please look at me.” if loneliness ever needed a definition, it’d be me. i see countless faces everyday but do they see me? i am alone. i am invisible.

all i want to do is to help people like me. i want to hold you and kiss your scars and say, “i swear to god it’ll be okay. not today, but one day. one day you will wake up and smile for no damn reason.” but today we can cry. today, we can be invisible.
Track Name: little seal girl
most folks think that i'm not real
'cause i'm half girl and i'm half seal

i'm a little seal girl livin' in the real world
and its so hard to get by
'cause seals can't even cry

but in this endless boundless sea
is there no one who looks like me
i know i must stay chipper
one day i'll find a friend
who'll hold my flipper

i'm a little seal girl livin' in the real world
and its so hard to get by
'cause seals can't even cry
Track Name: sing me something sweet to sleep to
i don’t mind if you forget me
or the accidental brushes of our knees in your parents’ car
i don’t mind if you regret me
or the times you woke up naked in my bed to the sound of my alarm
or the way you’d always ask if i’m okay like you could fix all the harm

do you still have that cassette babe
the one with all the shitty songs i wrote while i was gone
can you come light this cigarette babe
i’m exhausted from trying to figure out who i am
am i just another lost soul stuck in the cosmic traffic jam

well i guess i am
and it hurts
when you find out there is nothing
but your self worth

we’ve all got to grow up sometime
i guess this is my time
Track Name: lonely
lonely lonely that is you